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Dr. Stefan Ebener

Manager Customer Engineering, Machine Learning

Dr. Stefan Ebener is the manager of Customer Engineering for Google Cloud and leads an international machine learning and AI expert team. His passion are data-driven technologies and the development of technology competencies in companies and society to which he regularly performs as a keynote speaker.

In addition, he is a freelance lecturer in business informatics and deals with ML, AI and big data with the topic "Opinion Leader Identification & Management". His research interests are in the areas of metadata and text mining, machine learning as well as competition- and tender analysis.

As a trained data scientist, he has practical experience in building data pipelines and model development. Ebener is also involved in the research area "Business Analytics" at IFID, the Institute for IT Management & Digitization at the University of Economics & Management.


What is the pop in your job? What drives you? What is your passion? "My job offers me the unique opportunity to get in touch with a large number of clients. Being involved in some of the most advanced and sometimes even fancy Machine Learning use cases is driving my inspiration and is a great source of motivation. My passion are data-driven technologies and services as well as the development of technology competencies in companies and society."

Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since our founding in 1998, Google has grown by leaps and bounds. From offering search in a single language we now offer dozens of products and services—including various forms of advertising and web applications for all kinds of tasks—in scores of languages. And starting from two computer science students in a university dorm room, we now have thousands of employees and offices around the world. A lot has changed since the first Google search engine appeared. But some things haven’t changed: our dedication to our users and our belief in the possibilities of the Internet itself.